20 Enchantingly Adorable Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Make You Go “Awwwww!”


A little pink or blue invitation has just found its way into your mailbox: you’ve been invited a baby shower! This is a wonderful chance to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life into the world—and of course the mom-to-be! This is also an occasion to shower gifts (of course) on the new baby—but what on earth do you buy or make for a baby?

If you have kids of your own, you might already have some ideas from your own baby shower, but if you don’t, it can be hard to come up with something fun, cute and original. You might be worried that your gift will be the same as everyone else’s.

Ballerina Bow ruffled Leg Warmers

Ballerina Bow ruffled Leg WarmersIs mom-to-be a dancer by any chance? If so, she might dream of her baby becoming a little ballerina! These leg warmers are the perfect gift for any little ballerina-to-be, featuring cute crisscrossing patterns in pink and adorable little bows in the back. They can be worn all by themselves or they can be fitted over other leggings. Naturally they look extra adorable if they are paired with a tiny tutu!

Similar available on: Etsy.com

Owl Baby Cocoon and Cap

Owl Baby Cocoon and CapNewborn babies love to be swaddled in a nice comfy warm cloth—and no solution for swaddling can compete with this adorable baby cocoon and cap for sheer cuteness! This is a handmade item which you can purchase on Etsy. You could also try making something similar yourself.

Personally I love the idea of adding stuffing and sewing the top closed after baby outgrows the cocoon. Then it would become a special plush companion for life!

Available on: etsy.com

DIY Baby Bouquet

DIY Baby BouquetSometimes the presentation of a gift can give it the extra creative flair it needs to be unique! In this video, you can see a lovely idea for presenting baby bibs and attire in the form of a beautiful bouquet!

DIY Receiving Blanket Milkshakes and Ice Cream Sundae

DIY Receiving Blanket Milkshakes and Ice Cream SundaeSimilar to the idea above, this video shows you how you can use receiving blankets and a few other simple ideas to create little “milkshakes” and “sundaes” which actually look quite realistic! What a sweet idea—so much more fun than just giving mom-to-be a box with receiving blankets inside, wouldn’t you say?

Diaper Wreath

Diaper WreathIf you are going to be showering mom-to-be with a lot of small gifts like toys, mittens, shoes, hats, and assorted baby products, one fun idea is to create a “diaper wreath” combining all of the supplies. This would be fun as an individual gift, but it would also be a great idea for a group gift. Have the person organizing the baby shower hang it up in the room before everyone arrives. What a wonderful surprise! Find out how it’s done in the tutorial below.

Instructions: behindtheafter

Diaper Cake

Diaper CakeDiapers … they are one of the most necessary baby supplies ever, and there is no mom on earth who wouldn’t be grateful to get a ton of them at her baby shower. But let’s face it—they are also super boring. How can you make a dull gift exciting? Make a “diaper cake!” There has never been a cuter way to bestow the gift of diapers!

Cupcake Onesies

Cupcake OnesiesPlanning on gifting onesies to the expectant mother? If so, you probably realize that half a dozen other people at the party are likely to gift onesies as well. How can you make your gift stand out? Instead of just folding the onesies into a box, shape them into little “cupcakes” instead!

Instructions: diyncrafts

Teddy Bear Diaper Cake

Teddy Bear Diaper CakeIf you loved the idea for making a diaper cake, you will be even more thrilled by this simple variation! The process for making it is much the same, but instead of stacking the layers up like a cake, you instead connect them into the shape of a teddy bear, complete with cute little eyes and a nose.

Cool Photography Prop

Cool Photography PropWhile a lot of the ideas above are creative, here is one that is truly unique. Check out these awesome photography props! They give the expecting parents a fun, quirky, creative way to document their child growing up. This would make an amazing baby shower gift!

Available on: etsy.com

“Love Made Me” Onesie

“Love Made Me” OnesieCheck out this adorable little onesie with the words, “Love Made Me” in glitter. This is a handmade item which you can buy on Etsy. The shop has a lot of other cute baby attire too. Any one of these would make a great gift—or serve as inspiration to create your own custom onesie with a cute message!

Available on: etsy.com

Handmade Layette

Handmade LayetteFor those not in the know with baby lingo, a “layette” is a full set of baby clothes, sometimes also including linens and toiletries. Here you see a gorgeous handmade layette gown which you can buy on Etsy. This layette would be absolutely perfect for photos of the new baby. If you are handy with sewing projects, it might also give you some ideas for making a custom layette set yourself!

Available on: etsy.com

Snake Pillow

Snake PillowHere you see a handmade snake pillow. Snake pillows aren’t just cute and cozy—they are actually designed to help keep baby safe! They can provide extra protection in the crib or define the boundaries of a play area outside of the crib. And of course the pillow itself can serve as a soft toy. Buy this snake pillow on Etsy or create your own. While I love this pillow just as it is, I think it’d be even more genius to make one which actually doubled as a plush snake!

Available on: etsy.com

Baby Shower “Sandwiches”

Baby Shower “Sandwiches”This is similar to the idea of creating a cake, sundae or cupcake out of baby supplies. Here we see baby shower sandwiches! I think these are amazingly artistic and really quite convincing, and a wonderful way to showcase a lot of bright, fun colors.

Instructions: babyshowerideasbase

Sock Roses

Sock RosesPlanning on gifting the mom-to-be with a lot of baby socks? Baby socks are surprisingly easy to shape into roses, which you can then combine into a beautiful bouquet. Visit the source link below for a full tutorial to learn how to do this yourself!

Diaper Cake Castle

Diaper Cake CastleThis epic diaper cake castle was commissioned to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little princess in Del Mar, California. You can see right away that it was professionally designed—just look at all the amazing attention to detail. Even the colors are beautifully coordinated!

Instructions: jackiesorkin

Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake

Choo Choo Train Diaper CakeGetting away from the more traditional diaper “cakes,” we have a lot of great designs which don’t look like cakes at all, but follow the same basic principles, one of them being this incredibly realistic choo choo train! The bright colors here look amazing together, and you can be sure this would be a showstopper at any baby shower!

Tractor Diaper Cake

Tractor Diaper CakeAlso incredible is this diaper cake in the shape of a tractor. The detail here is outstanding; just look at those cute little fluffy headlights! And of course, someone needs to operate the tractor, and that means an adorable little plush toy!

Instructions: agweb

Cute Customized Storage Boxes

Cute Customized Storage BoxesA lot of baby shower gifts really only are useful while the baby is … well, a baby. But babies grow so fast, so it is great to stumble across a baby shower gift idea which can continue to be useful as baby grows up. These personalized storage boxes are an Etsy product, but you could make something similar on your own with some paint and maybe a few printed stencils. These storage boxes are perfect for baby supplies, and as baby grows up, they can be used for toys and more!

Available on: etsy.com

Diaper Babies

Diaper BabiesIf you are worried that everyone else at the baby shower is going to be bringing in diaper cakes, bouquets and bikes, and you want to make something different, here is a wonderful project to try—adorable little “babies’ made of diapers, baby socks and baby wash cloths! Visit the link below for a full tutorial.

Instructions: frugalfanatic

New Daddy Survival Kit

New Daddy Survival KitWhile most gifts at a baby shower are for the baby, sometimes there are gifts intended for new moms as well. But don’t forget—these days dads sometimes go to baby showers too! The Daddy Survival Kit was originally planned as a Father’s Day gift for an expecting dad, but it would also make a great idea for a baby shower. And of course you could also gift a Mommy Survival Kit!

Instructions: simplymadewithlove