15 Easy DIY Pot Holders And Oven Mitts You Need In Your Kitchen – With Free Patterns


Just like closets and kitchen cabinets, you can really never have too many hot pads and oven mitts. I recently started putting together a gift basket for a housewarming that I will be attending and I thought, “You know what makes a great housewarming gift? Hot Pads!” So, I started looking for some simple and creative handmade hot pad and oven mitt patterns. I found 15 easy DIY pot holders and oven mitts that you need in your kitchen, and in your gift baskets.

These patterns are really easy to follow and there are different types of pot holders in here including some great crocheted versions, some quilted oven mitts and a couple of double pads that you can wear on both hands at once. If you have ever burned a hand while taking a pan of biscuits out of the oven, you know how important those double pot holders are. And, these are much easier to make than you may think. In fact, you can make an entire new collection of hot pads in just a couple of hours. Make some for yourself and keep some to give as gifts.

Even if you don’t spend much time at your sewing machine and don’t consider yourself an expert at sewing, you can easily make these DIY pot holders and oven mitts. They are all super easy, even the crocheted versions. And, the crochet patterns give you the perfect opportunity to practice your crochet stitching. Whether you need new pot holders or you want something special to give away as a gift, you are going to love these 20 DIY pot holder and oven mitt patterns.

DIY Crocheted Hexagon Pot Holder

DIY Crocheted Hexagon Pot HolderIf you love to crochet, this hexagon pot holder pattern is for you. This one looks much more complicated to make than it actually is. You can have one finished in about an hour or so. The hexagon pattern is gorgeous, especially when you incorporate a number of different colors. I found this pattern on Etsy for just over $4 and it’s a super easy one to follow.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

Cute DIY Cactus Oven Mitts

Cute DIY Cactus Oven MittsThese little oven mitts look like cacti and they are simply adorable. They are also simple to make. You can have a couple of them finished in an evening. If you need new oven mitts, these are perfect. They also make wonderful gifts. If you are putting together a DIY hostess gift or a housewarming basket, add a couple of these to them. Your gift recipients will love them as much as you do!

Tutorial/Source: abeautifulmess

Whimsical No Sew Fried Egg Pot Holders

Whimsical No Sew Fried Egg Pot HoldersI love these little fried egg pot holders! They’re just too cute and you don’t have to do any sewing at all to make them. These are made with felt – you just cut out the pattern and glue them together. You can add these to some plain pot holders to give them a great new look. Not only are they simple to make, they are the most adorable pot holders you’ve ever seen and they are perfect to give out as gifts.

Tutorial/Source: aleenes

Anthropologie Knockoff – Piped Pot Holders

Anthropologie Knockoff – Piped Pot HoldersI love Anthropologie knockoffs and these piped pot holders are among my favorites. These are so simple to make and you won’t be spending nearly $15 for just one. In fact, you can make several of these for $15. Make a few for yourself and a couple to give away as gifts. They are gorgeous and really help to protect your hands from burns when you are baking.

Tutorial/Source: jugglingactmama

Easy DIY Quilted Cloud Oven Mitts

Easy DIY Quilted Cloud Oven MittsHere is a great idea – quilted oven mitts with a lovely cloud pattern. Quilted oven mitts are great because they really keep your hands cool when you are pulling things from a hot oven. These quilted oven mitts are super easy to make even if you have never tried the quilting method. You don’t necessarily have to do the clouds, though. You can choose any pattern and any material that you want. The clouds are lovely though, aren’t they?

Tutorial/Source: designsponge

Simple DIY Quilted Hot Pads

Simple DIY Quilted Hot PadsThese quilted hot pads couldn’t possibly be any easier to make and you don’t need a lot of material or other supplies to make them. You can have a couple of these done in about an hour, even if you don’t tend to sew a lot. You just choose your material, grab some backing and quilting and then put them all together. Do a few in different patterns to give away as gifts to your friends and family.

Tutorial/Source: momtastic

Homemade Designer Oven Mitts

Homemade Designer Oven MittsIf you are looking for something really special for your kitchen, or to give away as a gift, why not choose a homemade designer oven mitt? You make this one a designer piece by adding lace and contrasting fabric to the bottom. This is a great idea to add to gift baskets and adding the designer touches won’t take long at all. You could also just take a look at these that I found on Etsy. They’re already made and just $15 each.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

DIY Double Pot Holder With Handles

DIY Double Pot Holder With HandlesThese double pot holders are perfect for handling those hot items, especially since these have handles or pockets where your hands go. You won’t have to worry about the pot holder slipping down and causing you to burn your hands. They stay perfectly in place thanks to the pockets. These are so easy to make and will make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves to cook and bake.

Tutorial/Source: alittlegray

Handmade Fancy Folder Star Pot Holder

Handmade Fancy Folder Star Pot HolderWhat a great way to upcycle scrap fabric! These folded star pot holders are the perfect way to use up those fat squares and they are much easier to make than you may think. These are great if you want something with a bit more design than a normal pot holder and you can have one finished in about an hour or so. Make several of these and use up all of your leftover fabric scraps!

Tutorial/Source: modabakeshop

DIY Heart Shaped Pot Holders

DIY Heart Shaped Pot HoldersI love these little heart shaped pot holders. They will look gorgeous hanging in your kitchen and really make wonderful gifts. These are pretty easy to make, despite their shape and they give you a great way to use up those scrap fabric pieces that you have on hand from other projects. Add a little love to your baking with these wonderful handmade heart shaped pot holders!

Tutorial/Source: marthastewart

Simple Scrap Fabric Pot Holder

Simple Scrap Fabric Pot HolderIf you have some old fabric scraps that you just don’t know what to do with, I suggest you give this simple pot holder a chance. You can make this with strips of fabric that you have left over from other projects. It’s quilted too, so it’s perfect for keeping the heat off of your hands when you cook and bake. These are so simple – you can have one finished in under an hour! It’s a great way to upcycle leftover fabric scraps.

Tutorial/Source: makezine

DIY Extra Large Hot Pad

DIY Extra Large Hot PadSometimes one regular hot pad just isn’t enough. When you need something a bit bigger, check out this DIY extra large hot pad. This thing is big enough for even your largest casserole dish. You can use it to protect your hands while you are baking and it can double as a trivet to hold that hot dish and keep your surface protected from the heat. This is a really easy one to DIY, too.

Tutorial/Source: auntieemscrafts

DIY Double Pocket Hand Mitt

DIY Double Pocket Hand MittThis hot pad has two pockets to keep your hands protected while using. One pocket holds your fingers while the other holds your thumb. That means that all of your digits are safe during the transfer of hot food dishes. Not only that, but the double pockets make it much easier to grab those hot dishes and get a good grip. No more worries of dropping that hot casserole dish when you take it out of the oven. These are really easy to make and will take you less than an hour each!

Tutorial/Source: theidearoom

DIY Oven Mitt And Hot Pad Set

DIY Oven Mitt And Hot Pad SetIf you need a great gift idea for a hostess or anyone else, this DIY oven mitt and hot pad set is perfect. You make a mitt and a hot pad – or you could make a couple of hot pads – and you can do them in coordinating or contrasting colors. If you are putting together a gift basket for a housewarming, Mother’s Day or any other special event, this handmade oven mitt set is a must to add to it.

Tutorial/Source: abeautifulmess

Whimsical Pig Oven Mitt

Whimsical Pig Oven MittThis little piggy went to…the kitchen! This pig oven mitt is just too cute and he is so easy to make. This one has pockets on both sides which give you a much better grip on your hot food dishes. I found this pattern on Etsy and it’s just $5 for the downloadable pattern. This is so cute and is perfect for adding to a gift basket or for displaying in your own kitchen.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com