15 DIY Clay Pot Christmas Decorations That Add Charm To Your Holiday Décor


Don’t you just love Christmas crafts? There is just something so fun about making decorations for the holidays. I always try to do a few different DIY Christmas decorations every year so that means that every year I have to search for something new to do. This year, I found an amazing list of 20 DIY Christmas decorations that you can make from terra cotta pots. These clay pot decorations are so adorable and so easy to do. You’re definitely going to want to add these to your Christmas craft list this year.

From an adorable reindeer to a penguin and even Jolly Old St. Nick himself, you’re going to find so many fun things to create with those clay pots. Clay pots are relatively inexpensive, if you don’t have a few lying around the house, so none of these projects are going to cost much. They are a beautiful and fun way to decorate though and they take very little time, so you can actually make all 20 of these by the holidays. They’re perfect for decorating indoors and out and they make awesome gifts.

DIY Clay Pot Angel

DIY Clay Pot AngelThis clay pot angel only takes one pot and you can do this in any size that you want. You just need a round wooden ball, a clay pot, fabric for the scarf, Spanish moss for the hair and a few painting supplies. These are too adorable and would look great on the mantel or sitting on the front porch. Do different sizes and have an entire family of little Christmas angels decorating your home.

Tutorial: freecraftz

Adorable DIY Christmas Bells

Adorable DIY Christmas BellsI love these little bells that are made from small terra cotta pots. This is a great project for the kids because it’s so simple. You just paint the pots and then hang them upside down with ribbon, adding wooden beads for the ringer. You can find tiny clay pots at any craft or hobby store and use these to decorate the tree or do a couple of larger ones and hang them together on your porch.


DIY Clay Pot Christmas Candy Jars

DIY Clay Pot Christmas Candy JarsI love these little candy jars that you make from clay pots and glass bowls. You can get all of the supplies for these at your local craft or hobby store, or check the Dollar Store. You glue wooden balls onto the bottoms of the pots to make lids for your candy jars and the entire project is just so adorable. These would be wonderful filled with candy and given away as Christmas gifts.

Tutorial: cjaneblog

DIY Clay Pot Christmas Tree

DIY Clay Pot Christmas TreeClay pots are the perfect shape to make a Christmas tree decoration…if you turn them upside down. This little craft makes a really cool tree by stacking terra cotta pots after they have been painted green. You’ll need three different sizes of clay pots and you can secure them together with a hot glue gun.

Tutorial: totallythebomb

Terra Cotta Pot Reindeer

Terra Cotta Pot ReindeerThis DIY terra cotta pot reindeer makes a wonderful gift or you can use it for your own Christmas decorating. You just paint a face one the pot to look like your favorite reindeer – maybe even add a red painted wooden ball or a red pom pom for a Rudolph nose – and then add the antlers that you can make out of foam board. You can fill these with candy or small gifts or place them around your house for décor.

Tutorial: craftymorning

Cute DIY Terra Cotta Pot Penguins

Cute DIY Terra Cotta Pot PenguinsThese little penguins are so easy to make and you could do an entire Christmas village with them. Just choose smaller terra cotta pots, paint them black and white and add a painted ball to the top for the head. They’re really easy and so adorably decorative for the holidays. You could do different sizes and have your own little festive penguin family.

Tutorial: craftingjournal

DIY Clay pot Snowman Light

DIY Clay pot Snowman LightThis clay pot snowman can be a light for outdoors or a candy dish for indoors. You just turn the clay pot upside down and add a frosted glass bowl to make the face. If you are using them for light, you just have to add a tealight candle when you’re finished decorating the snowman. These are super easy and so festive when they’re finished – and they make wonderful gifts.

Tutorial: evasscrapsncards

DIY Frosty The Snowman Candy Dish

DIY Frosty The Snowman Candy DishHere is another adorable little snowman that you make with clay pots and he doubles as a candy dish. Decorate in the colors or designs that you want and then just add a frosted glass bowl for the face, which doubles as a candy holder. A wooden ball painted white makes a nice little pom pom for the hat that also doubles as a handle for the candy dish. These are really easy and make the most adorable homemade Christmas gifts.

Tutorial: budget101

DIY Stacked Outdoor Clay Pot Snowman

DIY Stacked Outdoor Clay Pot SnowmanLarger clay pots stacked on top of each other make a wonderful snowman for the front porch. You’ll need three sizes and you want to make sure that they fit into each other so that you can glue them together. Then, paint them white and add your face with acrylic paints. Add black pom poms or painted wooden balls for the buttons and a bow and hat, which you can craft out of wood and paint black.

Tutorial: gardenclub

Adorable DIY Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

Adorable DIY Clay Pot Gingerbread ManThis clay pot gingerbread man is made from different sizes of pots and he’s quite adorable. Actually, you could use plastic planting pots for this one, especially for the arms and legs. You just assemble your little gingerbread man and then paint the details on with acrylic paints. Add a bow or ribbon and a candy cane and he’s the most adorable Christmas decoration you have ever seen.

Tutorial: pinterest

Decoupage Clay Pot Christmas Ornament

Decoupage Clay Pot Christmas OrnamentThis clay pot is decorated with the most adorable Christmas kitties and it’s perfect for decorating around your home this holiday season. You can do your own decoupage with mod podge and your image of choice. Then, you just add the painted details and a bow and you’re all done. I found this one on Etsy. It’s four and a half inches round and six inches high and you can grab it for just $20 if you don’t want to make it yourself.

Tutorial: etsy.com

Outdoor Clay Pot Nutcracker

Outdoor Clay Pot NutcrackerThe Nutcracker is my favorite Christmas story – well, one of them anyway, and this DIY Nutcracker that you can make out of larger clay pots is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. This is so easy. You just stack two pots for the legs and add another for the body – you do the same thing for the head and hat; then you paint them all in the appropriate colors and add embellishments with gold paint and tinsel. These will go so beautifully with your other DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Tutorial: pinterest

DIY Olaf Christmas Candy Jar

DIY Olaf Christmas Candy JarOlaf is sure to bring joy to your home, especially if you have little ones who are obsessed with Frozen. This Olaf Christmas candy jar is super easy to make and looks so much like the character from the favored Disney movie. To make Olaf, you need a glass bowl as well as two smaller terra cotta pots for his head. You add hair and arms with brown pipe cleaners and then use paint to add your finer details.

Tutorial: momsandmunchkins

Whimsical DIY Clay Pot Santa Claus

Whimsical DIY Clay Pot Santa ClausThis little Santa Claus is almost too adorable and you can make him really easily out of smaller terra cotta pots. I love the glittery paint and you use white texture snow paste to get the snowy effect. A Styrofoam ball makes his face and you just glue the pieces together and then add your details for his face, hands, and of course, that cute little red nose.

Tutorial: craftideas

Clay Pot Santa Chimney Mishap

Clay Pot Santa Chimney MishapHow adorable is this little Santa mishap? It’s Santa’s feet while he heads down the chimney and this is such an easy decoration to make. You need a clay pot for the chimney and then a Styrofoam ball works as the body. The legs can be made from pipe cleaners or red Christmas garland – the kind that has wire in it. Honestly, this is one of the simplest yet more detailed crafts on this list.

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda