10 Drool Worthy Craft Room Ideas That Will Make You Drool


Looking to make your craft room look neat and tidy? As much as I love to spend time in my craft room, it often drives me nuts with the way craft supplies are strewn around. And the most irritating part? When you’re so into your project but suddenly you can’t find that certain pen or brush. Sounds familiar?

To top it off I started to feel less interested in actually completing any project and that’s when I knew something had to be changed. Here you’ll find a list of the best craft room ideas that will inspire you to get yours organized and finally enjoy spending time creating new things.

I’ll also be listing amazing organization tips and tricks that will definitely help you create the craft room of your dreams for almost next to nothing. Sound great, right? Let’s get on with it then!

Rolling Supplies Cart

rolling craft room ideas

Idea via createoften

Rolling storage carts are the perfect way to store all your craft supplies in one place. When you’re working in a different room, you don’t have to run back and forth when you need something since you everything you need is right next to you.

The pockets on the side are ideal if you’re in need of more space.

Colorful Craft Room Space

colorful craft room ideas

Idea via victoriaandherplanners

When you’re a crafty person, it’s no surprise when your room looks something like this, am I right? The cubicles are perfect for storing many things and I love how all the supplies are organized, like the sewing machine in one section, stickers in a wire rack and cute boxes placed on top of each other.

Simple Craft Room Ideas

Idea via wermemorykeepers

This simple yet smart craft room idea makes use of wall space by installing floating shelves. Also, this storage idea really adds to the decor so it’s definitely a win.

Pegboard Storage Idea

pegboard craft room ideas

Idea via instagram

Don’t you just love pegboards? Especially, the white ones! If you’re new to them, let me just say this: get one right now! Pegboards are so amazing when it comes to organizing many things in one space. Plus, it looks really great if done right.

Pretty Cubicles

cubicles craft room ideas

Idea via bazzillbasicspaper

This craft room organization is very simple to the idea above in terms of the cubicles. Its clean appeal will make anyone swoon over this.

Desk and Rolling Cart Idea

Idea via Instagram

WOW! Just look at that wall display. If my craft room had this decor, I might not leave it!

Washi Tape Tray Idea

washi tape tray ideas

Idea via thiswellplannedlife

If you’re a lover of washi tapes and the owner of a ton of them, then this storage tray might just be a dream for you. It’s so pretty with pink on the outside and gold on the inside.

Paint Bottle Storage Tray

paint bottle tray idea

Idea via instagram

If you have one of these trays, do make use of them to store paint bottles and other craft supplies. It’s neat, clean and simple.

Small Craft Room Space

small craft room

Idea via somethingturquoise

This corner craft space is one of the best options if you have very little space to spare in your home. A pegboard will provide you with enough storage space that won’t seem cluttered.

Full Craft Room Workspace

craft room ideas

Idea via the36thavenue

This is another great idea for small spaces but makes use of a much larger pegboard. You could also add a rolling cart to the side if you need more storage options.