10 DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments That Add Homemade Style To Your Tree


Remember those clay ornaments that you made every year in school? Remember how fun they were to make and how wonderfully rustic they made your Christmas tree look? You can make those very same clay ornaments at home and add some homemade rustic style to your tree this year. I’ve found 10 of the most adorable and easy clay ornaments that you can make completely from scratch. These are great projects for the kids and will add rustic charm to your holiday decorating.

Making Christmas decorations is one of my favorite things to do. Seriously, I start early in the fall and make décor all season long. There is just something so special about making your own ornaments and they give your tree such a beautiful look. If you want that look too, you just have to choose one…or all…of these homemade clay ornaments and get to making. Some of these are done with salt dough clay that you make yourself and others use clay that you can buy at any craft store.

From owls and diamonds to the most adorable stars and even a few scented hearts, these ornaments are perfect for decorating your tree, whatever style you like. Whether you prefer the farmhouse look or you want something more contemporary like geometric clay ornaments, you’ll find a clay ornament DIY that you are sure to adore.

Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay OrnamentsYou can find air dry clay in most craft stores or online. Once you have a package…or three…use that clay to create these gorgeous DIY Christmas ornaments. You can use cookie cutters to cut them into shapes or mold them by hand if you prefer. Embellish them by stamping with any number of things from leaves to names and then use a ribbon to hang them when they’re dry.

Tutorial: homemade-gifts-made-easy

DIY Clay Christmas Owls

DIY Clay Christmas OwlsThese little owls are so adorable and really easy to make. You don’t even need a special cutter for them. You just fold the clay over and mold them into place and then create the features with a pen lid and a toothpick. Once they’re dry, you can paint them any number of colors to make them more festive and tie a string on for hanging.

Tutorial: pagingfunmums

Diamond Terra Cotta Clay Ornaments

Diamond Terra Cotta Clay OrnamentsTerra cotta polymer clay is used to make these gorgeous diamond shapes that you cut out with cookie cutters. Well, you cut out squares and then mold the diamonds into shape. These are great 3 dimensional ornaments and they’re super easy to make. You can paint them any number of different colors when they’re dry to make your tree more colorful.

Tutorial: makeandtell

Homemade Clay Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Clay Glitter Christmas OrnamentsTake those ordinary salt dough clay ornaments and make them extra special with some glitter. After you’ve made your clay, just roll it out and use a cookie cutter to cut into the shape that you want. Then you can paint and add glitter to the ornaments with a bit of glue and glitter shakers. These are very easy to make and they don’t take long to dry.

Tutorial: yourdiyfamily

DIY Clay Star Christmas Ornaments

DIY Clay Star Christmas OrnamentsLittle stars are a great idea for your Christmas tree and you can make loads of them with this DIY clay star ornament project. You will need clay, and you can make your own or buy white clay from your favorite craft store. Then use a star shaped cookie cutter to make your shape and poke in a hole for the ribbon to hang. Do these in different sizes and even paint some of them to make your tree really colorful.

Tutorial: homeyohmy

Geometric Shaped Christmas Ornaments

Clay Essential Oil OrnamentsThese DIY ornaments have a great geometric shape that gives your tree more of a contemporary look. You need sculpting clay for this one, as well as some twine, paint and other tools. You just mold the clay into the geometric shape and then paint it when it dries. It’s pretty easy and really gives your Christmas tree a unique look, particularly when you do several of them.

Tutorial: myanythingandeverything

DIY Intricately Painted Ornaments

Geometric Shaped Christmas OrnamentsYou don’t have to use clay ornaments in their natural color. You can add any number of colors and designs once those ornaments have tried. I love this painted ornament idea that is so detailed and gorgeous. This one may take a bit more time but it’s definitely worth it in the end. This is a great project for older children who may want to show off their artistic abilities.

Tutorial: fellowfellow

DIY Handprint Keepsake Ornaments

DIY Handprint Keepsake OrnamentsI love these little handprint ornaments. You could do one of these each year for your little ones and mark their growth on your Christmas tree. You just roll out the clay and press their little hands into it. Then add glue and glitter to the outside and a ribbon for hanging. You could even emboss them with your child’s name and the year with a craft knife or a sharpie marker.

Tutorial: cbc

DIY Marbled Clay Ornaments

DIY Marbled Clay OrnamentsThese little clay ornaments look like real marble and they are super easy to make. You cut out your ornament shapes from colored clay using cookie cutters after you have created the marbled look. To get the marbled look, just mix two colors of clay together, like red and white, and then knead until you have the look that you want. Then, just roll out and cut with your cookie cutters.

Tutorial: minted

Rustic Handmade Clay Ornaments

Rustic Handmade Clay OrnamentsThese clay ornaments are decorated by pressing lace into the clay and they have a beautiful rustic look. You just roll out your homemade or store bought clay and then use a lace doily or something similar to press onto the clay to give it design.

Tutorial: artfulparent