10 Crafty Wood Slice Projects You’ll Want For Your Home


Having a low budget? Fear not! Because today, we will be going for some great ideas that utilizes resources from nature – wood slices! Whether you’re going for fishing of hiking in the mountains, it’s always a great idea to bring back some wooden branches that has a good shape to it. It’ll be like a side quest to retrieve items that will be of good use later!  Just a weekend is all you need to get things done. While it may be simple, the effects that it will bring to your interior is massive. Having that said, let’s explore what wooden slices can do to colorize our life a bit more!

Botanical Wooden Slice

Fill in your dining table with spirits of spring and summer with these lovely wooden slice coasters! It’s particularly an interesting gift for people who enjoy flowers and smell of nature. The creator prints out a pattern on to the wax paper. Then, she rubs it onto the surface of the wooden slice with a card. Sand paper is later used to scratch off excess of the coating. You can also spray it with some shellac to protect the surface.

Tutorial ellaclaireinspired

Wood Slice Mirror Frame

Get your home touched with a hint of nature by decorating your mirror frames with tiny wooden slices. It’ll be like solving a puzzle. Larger slices would need to be glued to it first before filling in the gaps with smaller ones. It’s a time consuming project but this isn’t even it’s final form. You can actually customize the wooden slices to be more artistic and pleasant if you transfer some of your photos onto them. Here’s a tutorial that will guide you on how to transfer photo onto wooden slice.

Source countryliving

Wood Slice Planter Decor

Planter pots is a typical item that we would usually never thought of decorating. However, if you do, it will level up the appearance entirely! Hundreds of wooden slices are carefully arranged onto the planter surface. You can also go for more customization options such as sticking faux leaves onto the cracks of the slices, color the wooden slices on specific patterns, and more.

Source pinterest

Spherical Wooden Slice Light Ball

Sleep well with this unique ball of light made of wooden slices! You can integrate a functional light circuit to it or just make it into a lamp shade. The lamp shade idea could possibly be the simplest one to execute considering that you just need to glue some wooden slices around a ball or balloon. Be sure to make an opening on the bottom so you can use it to cover tea light candle. It makes a fun lamp shade to be put around the house or outside as well!

Source pinterest

Hoop Wood Slice Art

You can make art out of anything! Even wooden slices! This beautiful tree is painted using wooden slices. The hoop around it serve as a frame to hold the piece of art together. Jute cords can be used as the trunk of the tree because of it’s flexibility and amazing texture. Go wild with your imagination and create more wooden slice arts! They’re good for selling on Etsy or just something nice you can make as housewarming gift.

Source pinterest

Wooden Slice Photo Frame

Photos capture the wildest memories that you may be experiencing with the people you know. Therefore, they make fascinating gifts too that will bring a smile to your loved ones. Getting a printout of the photo and stuffing them into the frame as a gift is way to basic. Why not try and customize it a little to make it special. Wooden frames is one idea you can use for the photo frame decoration!

Source pinterest

Wooden Slice Wreath

This natural organic wood slices make the perfect Christmas wreath for those who love rustic accents. Made with several large wooden slices as the base, smaller wood slices are also placed on top of the and between the gaps to create a magnificent woody landscape. It’s best to arrange the pieces on the floor to get a look and feel of the wreath before gluing everything together. You can also glue the base pieces onto a thin board for structural integrity. Stenciling the wooden slices may be a bright idea too! Fill in the texts that you desire or ones that suit the season!

Source etsy

Wood Slice Photo Board

Sometimes we desire a unique hanging board for our things like photos, sticky notes and whatnot. Here’s a great idea using wood of different color and textures. It works like a typical board with a very strong and unique texture. It might not be recommended to use pins to hold your things in place. Instead, you might have to opt for sticky tapes.

Source etsy

Wooden Slice Wall Art

Once again, art made its way into our lives in means that we could possibly never imagined. It’s art on a wall with wooden slices! Each frame is basically a painting of wooden slices, branches and barks. They’re stuffed into a rectangular frame nicely in a compact manner. It’s just so satisfying to watch!

Source wohnkultur.foop.club

Wood Slice Stacking Shelves

You may have seen some shelves are made with half a slice of a wood that is setup on a wall. Those are good and serve their unique purpose well. However, when you have several of these and lined up on top of each other, it looks a little different but in a nice way. This vertical display of wooden slice shelves look incredibly unique. You can probably put some of these at the corner of the house for decor. They don’t occupy much space and you can fill it up with exotic ornaments as you desired!